Even Rosalina can get some closure! (Also, don’t worry, she asked permission before printing those out!)

That’s it for The 3 Little Princesses! What an adventure. One that lasted 3 years. Thanks for taking part in it by reading this comic! I hope that you could take something out of that story, that you grew along with it. I sure did. I’ll miss creating new pages and stories related to the Super Mario princesses. But for now, I’d like to turn my focus to original stories. I’m deeply in need of diving back into my own creations.

I kind of wonder if this comic will be best remembered as “that Mario fancomic that was released during the pandemic”. Only time will tell, I suppose!

A few people have asked me about a potential book release. I can confirm that it’s in the plans. I’d like to aim for a summer release, but we’ll see how things go by then. The times are still uncertain, after all. I’ll keep everyone up to date with eventual developments on that subject.

But for now, once again: THANKS FOR READING! <3