Thanks again for reading The 3 Little Princesses! Hope you enjoyed this new iteration of the comic, or the whole thing, if this is your first time reading it! I sure loved working on it. This is just a little post to talk about a few things here.

First, for those who haven’t FULLY read the comic in a while, do yourself a favour and go re-read it, so you can get a fresh look at the narrative, visuals and background jokes. I just revamped the website, and made it a little easier to use for a thorough read. The menus and front page are now easier to use!

Second, I’ve talked about a book before. There will be one. I’ll probably go ham on it: all three parts, bonus content, early concepts, a glossary of ALL references, stuff like that. It’s probably going to be expensive, but it’ll most certainly be an awesome collection item. (Also, you don’t need to tell me about the ramifications of making a book using characters I didn’t create, I know what it implies. Also, the book release is going to be VERY limited.)

Third, I’ll be holding a AMA (Ask Me Anything) event on my Twitch channel Tuesday, March 2nd at 7 PM EST! If you got any questions in regard to the plot, how I came up with the story, stuff related to my work with comics, you can come and ask me! I’ll probably also be doodling T3LP related things during the stream (not like I wasn’t doing that already during regular art streams anyway, but just more casual I suppose). I may also show some content I’ve never shown people before!

That being said, if you enjoyed the comic and have some disposable income, PLEASE consider supporting me on Patreon. I hate to beg or to nag, but this is my only steady source of income right now. Anything helps, and I can keep creating stuff for y’all. And if you can’t give support, you can still spread the word around. People keep finding out that Parts 2-3 exist, and the best way we can ensure this comic lives on is by word-of-mouth.

And I think that’s it. I’ve got more stuff planned for this year, but I need a solid plan. This stupid pandemic is dragging on, and I need to figure some things out.

Thanks for reading all this, and for sticking around. Y’all awesome. <3