About this comic

The 3 little Princesses is a webcomic set in the universe of the Super Mario video game franchise, and drawn by comic artist Yves Bourgelas. It features Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Rosalina, characters from the main series of games. Other characters from other series also make cameos from time to time.

This comic is purely a fan work and has no affiliation whatsoever with Nintendo.

The first part (known as the original story) was developed between September 28th 2008 and July 14th 2009, with the comic being published on DeviantART starting November 1st 2008. It has since gone viral, and is still enjoying some kind of popularity on the Internet as of 2020, thanks to several dubs and translations made by fans of the series.

The second and third parts (known collectively as the sequel) have been running since June 2018, and have been made as part of the 10th anniversary of the original story.

About the author

Yves Bourgelas is a comic artist from Quebec, Canada. A video game fan since his childhood, Yves spent his teenage years and early adulthood studying 2D animation and comic arts. Despite being a fan work, The 3 little Princesses is his first major comic, and also a formative one, which allowed him to start a webcomic, Supercrash, which became a professionally published comic book in Canada a few years later.

Yves has started work on the book 3 of Supercrash and is also working on a brand new original series. He also occasionally tours Canadian schools, book fairs and comic conventions, in order to offer comic book workshops and to present his work to the masses.

His favourite Mario games are Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island.